Meet Ana & Tony

We  are Austin'S expert wedding DJs!

Ana is a DJ wonder kid (Ted Lasso reference intended).  She can rock a party with the best of them!  Constantly perusing Spotify, Ana knows the latest hits and music trends (she also knows the words to a shocking number of songs) while also having several "throwback" playlists that she listens to on a regular basis.  Her sweet demeanor tends to hide her ability to pack a dance floor.  Ana's couples always have a great time and love sharing the evening with her.

Tony has been involved in music his entire life and has developed a deep love of music of all kinds and cultures.  He loves mixing various genres together at wedding reception, giving everyone a chance to come out on the dance floor and have fun.  Tony is always willing to offer his wisdom and experience to couples when it comes to planning their big day, his goal always being to help his couples have an amazing wedding day experience.

We're just your typical father / daughter DJ team conquering the world one wedding reception at a time.  We love sharing our knowledge and skills to help you have an amazing experience on your wedding day.  

With over 1,000 weddings between the two of us, the chances of you doing something at your wedding that we haven't done before are pretty small.  We oftentimes know the questions before they are asked and always have an answer.

You have so many things to think about before and on your wedding day.  Our goal is to make music and entertainment easy.  Planning is as simple as answering a few questions.  On the day of the wedding, we take care of all sound needs, including the ceremony and reception.  By the premade mixes come out of our DJ boards!  We are 100% engaged with you and your guests, making sure to do our very best to keep your day moving smoothly and your dance floor packed. 

Our preparation is thorough but easy.  Our performance is professional but fun.  Our services are consistently exceptional but always personal.  What can we say?  We're expert wedding DJs!